"Thank you Sebewaing Village DPW for keeping Sebewaing environmentally clean and safe."

-Sebewaing Resident


What's New in sebewaing?

The Village of Sebewaing is collecting tax deductible donations to support the Main Park Restroom Project. Any amount will help make this much needed restroom a reality!  Thank you to those who have already donated, to those who will be donating, and to anyone supporting this project in any way!
Click here for more details and to view progress on Main Park Restroom improvements!

  • 10-1-16 -- Huron County Road Commission will be doing tree trimming along M-25 from North Center Street to Bay Street in October.
  • 9-1-16 -- Fall 2016 Leaf Pick Up Program - Leaves will be picked up starting October 10 through November 23, Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM by the DPW. Leaves must be placed on the edge of the street in rows, not piles, or they will not be picked up. Brush and grass clippings must be kept separate. The trash company will also pick up bagged leaves on trash day. The yard waste truck will only pick up leaves in a marked refuse container with an "X" or in kraft-type brown paper bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS.

  • 8-30-16 -- As of September 5, 2016, all solicitors in the Village of Sebewaing will be required to have a signed permit to be obtained at the village office.  If a solicitor comes to a resident’s door, they must have a copy of the permit to present to the resident.  If a solicitor is unable to produce this permit, please call the Sebewaing Police at 989-883-2380.  This requirement was ordained by the Village of Sebewaing in Chapter 110: Solicitation.  To view a copy of the ordinance, click here.  For further information regarding the permit requirement, please call the Village Office at 989-883-2150.  
  • 8-25-16 -- New/Amended Ordinances

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Sebewaing is well known for its great walleye fishing, duck & pheasant hunting.

Sebewaing is the home to many farms  and agriculture driven businesses.

Sebewaing is blessed with four parks and two campgrounds on the Sebewaing River.

The Village of Sebewaing has a deep and rich history beginning in 1845.





The new Village of Sebewaing logo is simple yet representative of our community. The blue upper part of the leaf represents the “crooked river” after which Sebewaing was named. The green lower part of the leaf represents our connection to nature—hunting, fishing, agriculture, and recreation. In addition, the color green is a reminder of the Villages efforts to recycle (“going green”).