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  • VILLAGE COUNCIL VACANCY:  Any village resident interested in joining the Council can submit an Interest Notification Form and submit it to the Village Office before 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.  The Interest Notification Forms are available in the Village Office or on this website under Services and Village Council.   

  • ​​ZONING PERMITS:  Be sure to get the proper zoning/building permits for all improvements before you begin improvements to your property. Please stop at the Sebewaing Municipal Building or the permit is available by clicking here. Call or contact our Zoning Administrator, for the appropriate permit required for your upcoming improvements. ​

Sebewaing is well known for its great walleye fishing, duck & pheasant hunting.

Sebewaing is blessed with four parks and two campgrounds on the Sebewaing River.

The Village of Sebewaing has a deep and rich history beginning in 1845.




Sebewaing is the home to many farms  and agriculture driven businesses.


Village of Sebewaing

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The Village of Sebewaing logo is simple yet representative of our community. The blue upper part of the leaf represents the “crooked river” after which Sebewaing was named. The green lower part of the leaf represents our connection to nature—hunting, fishing, agriculture, and recreation. In addition, the color green is a reminder of the Villages efforts to recycle (“going green”).


"Thank you Sebewaing Village DPW for keeping Sebewaing environmentally clean and safe."

-Sebewaing Resident