The Village of Sebewaing will accept sealed bids for cutting down 1 tree and grinding out 7 tree stumps.  Bids shall be turned in by 4:00 pm 04/12/2021 at the Village of Sebewaing Office, located at 222 North Center Street, Sebewaing MI 48759.  The envelope shall be clearly marked STUMP GRINDING BID.

The Contractor awarded the job shall provide a Certificate of Liability and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance, naming the Village as Additional Insured.  The Contractor is also responsible for contacting MISS DIG, to have all utilities located.

The bid shall be a LUMP SUM BID for one tree being cut down, and 7 stumps removed.  Stumps are to be ground 8-inches below grade and all surface roots shall be ground out.  The DPW will clean up stump grindings, backfill and plant grass seed.  In the event while cleaning up the stump grindings, the area needs additional grinding, the Contractor shall be contacted and return a second time to regrind the area at no additional charge.

The Stump Grinding shall be completed by May 24, 2021.  Questions can be directed to Matt Bumhoffer at 145 West Main St, Sebewaing or calling 989-551-8950.

 The Village of Sebewaing Reserves the Right to accept or reject any or all bids.
15 ½ Williams St -1 stump
605 N Center St -1 stump        
611 N Center St -1 stump
305 East Street -1 stump
905 E Sebewaing St -1 stump
South Village Park West of South restrooms -1 stump 

Additional tree to be cut down and stump ground
420 S Beck St tree is marked with green X

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