Building and Zoning

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Building permits are required for all improvements or alterations to residential homes, buildings or commercial buildings. Improvements include but are not limited to:

  1. siding
  2. remodeling
  3. repairing or replacing existing structures
  4. additions
  5. demolitions
  6. roofing
  7. windows
  8. decks
  9. swimming pools
  10. storage or accessory buildings larger than 200 sq ft
  11. fences greater than 6 ft high

A Building permit will not be issued by the Building & Zoning Office without prior zoning approval when required.

All building permits are issued by the

    Huron County Building & Zoning Office

    250 E. Huron Avenue, Room 102

    Bad Axe, Michigan, 48413,

    (989) 269-9269.

Building permit application fees are established by the Huron County Building & Zoning Office and are payable at that office either by mail or in person. (Building permits may be picked up at the Village Office but must be returned to the Huron County Building & Zoning Office.)

For Building permit information contact the Huron County Building & Zoning Office, (989) 269-9269.

Zoning permits may be printed off using the above button or picked up at the

    Village of Sebewaing Office

    222 N. Center Street

    Sebewaing, MI 48759

    (989) 883-2150.

Permits that require zoning approval by the Village must be returned to the Village Office, along with a fee of $25.00. (Zoning permit fees are doubled if you do not obtain them prior to starting your project.)

Zoning permits are required for the following improvements:

  1. remodeling when changing size of structure
  2. replacing existing structures
  3. additions
  4. demolitions 
  5. decks
  6. swimming pools
  7. all storage or accessory buildings
  8. all fences

Any construction within 200 feet of each side of the center of the Sebewaing River will require additional permits or letters indicating no jurisdiction from other agencies as detailed in the Zoning Permit Application.

For additional information on zoning see Village Ordinances.  For further information on Zoning permits contact the Village Office: (989) 883-2150